Suncoast Capital Group focuses primarily on providing liquidity to financial institutions who need deposits, as well as providing institutional investors access to a simple one-step approach to building a high-yielding portfolio of FDIC insured CDs.


Liquidity Solutions

Although most depository institutions maintain a local deposit base, at times sudden increased loan demand or other unforeseen circumstances arise in which it becomes necessary to take in new deposits quickly without disrupting local market pricing.

Tapping into the institutional CD market is an efficient and cost effective way for well capitalized banks to supplement their core deposit base. These funds are safe, reliable and are not prone to “runs” as retail deposits can be.

Issuing CDs through Suncoast Capital Group allows your financial institution to add to its stable deposit base in one lump sum with none of the costs associated with advertising, rate listing services or the maintenance of smaller accounts. Your only cost is the stated interest rate on the CD. We can custom tailor liquidity solutions to suit both your short and long term funding needs.

Institutional Investors

There are thousands of federally insured depository institutions in the U.S. today and finding the best CD rates available can be a challenging and time consuming process.

Through our established network of community and regional banks, as well as our volume purchasing power, we are able to identify and negotiate attractive interest rates directly with the issuing financial institution.

We maintain a diverse inventory of CDs which range in term from 6 months to 10 years or more with a variety of structures to suit your needs. These include basic fixed rate monthly interest and interest at maturity CDs as well as callable, step up and index based CDs. We consistently refresh our inventory with new banks, thus allowing you to constantly add to your portfolio while maintaining FDIC insurance coverage.

All CDs purchased through Suncoast Capital Group will be held in your own private corporate trust account at Hancock Whitney. You will have the convenience of online access to your account as well as ACH interest distributions. Their platform is state of the art and will make managing your CD portfolio simple and hassle free.